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Mr. Steve McGowan

At McGowan Marine, we sell & service controllable pitch propeller systems, are yacht & ship brokers, and have been doing it from our Southcoast Massachusetts location for over 40 years.  Steve McGowan is the most experienced Hundested technician in the United States, having covered the eastern US and the Caribbean from 1981 until Hundested was sold in 2019.  Operating from New Bedford Massachusetts, the principal areas of our operation include the East Coast of North America, the Great Lakes, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Other propulsion & brokerage projects have brought us to clients in Europe, New Zealand, Peru, and many locations throughout the United States over the years.

Approximately 85% of our business comes from customers that we have earned over the years who come back again and again. These clients know we are there for them and plan on being there for them for many years to come. We serve a mix of 50% pleasure and 50% commercial customers, which has provided us with a breadth of knowledge and experience to diagnose issues and provide solutions quickly...or find the perfect yacht.

Our team of machinists, electricians, alignment specialists, and shaft repair technicians can solve any propulsion issues you may have. We specialize in CPPs, controls, gearboxes, prop shafts, and thrusters. As new construction managers and brokers, our work has included new builds at Derecktor, Royal Huisman, Jongert Bros, and elsewhere. Always moving forward and into the future, our yacht and ship brokerage business is very active and we are excited to be part of the future of yacht sales, Best Yacht Auctions.  The finest art & cars are sold at auction and now the finest yachts.  Find out more at bestyachtauctions.com

About Steve McGowan

Starting right out of college, Steve worked his way up from yacht crew to yacht Captain before coming ashore, where he started a business and raised his two daughters. During his years at sea, Steve worked for some vessels owners who tasked Steve with developing innovative systems and equipment, and different approaches to vessel operation. By the time he came ashore, Steve had assembled a talented team of technicians, engineers, and craftsmen, which he brought together to advance the science of onboard systems and sailing to help create some amazing vessels.

Steve has earned the trust of his customers to the point where many have asked him to be their yacht broker, which has led him to see many through five or more boats. Racing has always been a passion for Steve, and he continues to compete in his Etchells. Fishing, cruising and skiing with his daughters and grandchildren are some more of his favorite pastimes. It has been said that Steve will use any excuse to get out on the water incuding hauling his lobster traps.

Working for nearly 40 years as the US agent for Hundested has helped Steve to be considered one of the most experienced people in controllable pitch propeller systems (CPP) in the country. McGowan Marine, Inc. provides a wide range of professional services that are enhanced by his knowledge and experience with controllable pitch propellers (CPPs), Glendinning helm controls, the widely known propellers built in Hundested, Denmark, and brokers worldwide.

Steve McGowan

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