McGowan Marine, Inc. has spent nearly 40 years building a solid reputation within the marine industry. We offer the design and manufacture, sale, and repair of advanced onboard marine systems. In addition, McGowan Marine also offers the brokerage of yachts and ships.

Controllable Pitch Propellers – Sales & Service

McGowan Marine has more than 40 years of experience selling and servicing controllable pitch propellers (CPPs), gearboxes, controls, and thrusters. Steve McGowan is the most experienced Hundested agent in the United States, having covered the eastern US and the Caribbean as agent from 1981 until the Hundested was sold in 2019. Working for nearly 40 years as a US agent for Hundested has helped Steve be considered one of the most experienced people in CCP controlled pitch propeller systems in the country.

Contact us directly for CPP sales and service by calling 508-990-1114.

Glendinning Helm Controls – Sales & Service

We specialize in the sales and service of helm and auxiliary controls for Glendinning CPP Control Systems (operating gearbox, CPP, PTO, and whatever other functions are required). As the exclusive dealers for the Glendinning CPP Control Systems, which we developed with Glendinning for use with controllable pitch propellers, our many years of experience makes McGowan Marine a valuable asset. Our client base is 50% commercial and 50% pleasure, which allows us to stay ahead of the curve with the industry's latest techniques, technology, and requirements.

Contact McGowan Marine directly for Glendinning sales and service by calling 508-990-1114.

Best Yacht Auctions – Online Auctions

Our decades of yacht brokerage experience have led us to collaborate with a select few financial and yachting professionals and help launch a new international, online yacht auction company, Best Yacht Auctions.

Visit our new auction website at

FDNY fireboat Fire Fighter II.

FDNY fireboat Fire Fighter II

The largest, most powerful fireboat in the world is capable of pumping 55,000 gallons per minute with four, 1,000 hp engines.