2021 Projects

Yacht Georgia

Replace controls, perform 5-year survey and inspect Hundested CPP system.  Complete replacement/upgrade of engine & pitch controls. perform a 5 year service & inspection for Lloyd’s registry and drivetrain assessment prior to sale.

Martha’s Vinyard ferry Woods Hole

Disassemble Hundested CPP and inspect for ABS 5 year survey. Replace shaft sleeves, recondition prop blades and wrap prop shafts.

Yacht Binziyad

Troubleshoot and solve operational issues with their Hundested propeller including maladjusted controls. Train the crew on proper operation.

Training Ship Spirit of Bermuda

Replace CPP pitch control unit with new. Design and install the entire engine, gearbox and pitch control system.

Yacht Kawil

Assemble and install CPP tail shaft assembly and calibrate the unit.

Yacht Karuna

Test, dissasemble and remove Hundested sterngear after lighning strike.

Yacht Sirrocco

Test and inspect the CPP unit. Replace broken pitch limit switches and calibrate the Hundested unit

Yacht Godspeed

Test, index, disassemble and remove CPP tailshaft assembly. Remove electrical connections in advance of the removal of the PCU.

Fishing vessel Rayna & Kersten

Inspection and recalibration of CPP.

Remote support to dozens of vessels worldwide including the Fire Dept of New York City, the training ship Robert Seamans and the DEP of NYC.